As an IBEW electrical contractor, we hire licensed and trained electricians.  Our electricians have gone through the IBEW apprenticeship training program and have a vast array of experience.  When we are able to combine our field expertise with being an ISO registered contractor and having a tremendously talented and experienced office staff, we have the ability to professionally manage the installations of our projects and ensure customer satisfaction.

The name Bayview Electric has existed since 1963 and with that history, we bring forward the experience to ensure our customers are fully comfortable that we are qualified to perform the work requested.  We understand that qualifications include our expertise, our safety, our procedures and our financial ability to take on the project.

As indicated in the Safety Section, we have a very good EMR rating and safety is always a priority to our organization.

The Quality Section represents our commitment to maintaining the status of an ISO 9001 registered company.  ISO is a third party certification verifying that we operate consistently and that we are continually looking for ways of improving our company’s services and systems.

Financially, Bayview is able to take on your project and have the necessary resources to eliminate that concern with our customers.  Our largest single project completed in the last 5 years was·$13,000,000, but Bayview has completed projects as large as $27 million.